My virtual machine could not power on

Hello am having a situation where my virtual machine has run down with free disk space so it cannot completely power on and its the machine hosting my vmware lincese  files and i dont want to lose anythg on it.

how can i be helped or how can i migrate the files on it may be to another machine and make it the management server/lincese server?

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Welcome to the Community,

there are a lot of options I could think about. To see which one fits the best, please provide some information about the VM and your environment.

  • Which guest OS do you run on the VM?
  • How much memory is configured for the VM?
  • How is the VM partitioned?
  • How much free disk space do you have on the datastore?
  • Which Hypervisor (VMware product), version/build do you use?


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ServerA - This is the server, where your license files are located.

ServerB - Its a test VM

1. Shutdown ServerA
2. Mount ServerA disks on ServerB as D or C drive

3. Move/Delete unwanted files from D or C

3.1 Backup your license file on ServerB

4. Once you cleaned up, unmount the Dor C drive from ServerB

5. Mount the ServerA with cleaned up disk

6. Power On ServerA

7. Start all your services

8. Be Happy


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