Monitor VM Machine status

I am new to VM ware. I need some information.

I have some 10 VM system where 2 each VM is hosted on 5 physical server.

I am running some customized applications in the VMs.

Often I felt for monitoring whether my VM is working properly or not? I am not saying monitoring of our customized application.

I am talking about monitoring the health of VM itself.

I want to know about some crucial key parameters(processes) that I can monitor so that I can be aware about the healthiness of the VM.

In the Host machine I am having VM Ware VSphere CLI 6.0. installed.

Can some body help me.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


I am guessing you are using the latest ESXi based on the details provided. Please see the document below for assistance:

Sincerely, Rahul Parmar VMware Support Moderator
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