Memory reservation change, restart vm?

If I change the memory reservation of a vm do I need to restart the vm for it to take effect?

I know that it will let me change it in the resource tab, but according to the doco the memory reservation effects the size of the vswp file which is created when the vm is powered on.

So if I decrease the memory reservation of a running vm then the vswp file would need to increase, but as far as I know this doesn't change on a running vm.

So does changing the memory reservation on a running vm immediately reserve physical ram on the host or do I need to reboot the vm.

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Changing the reservation will immediatly effect the ammount of physical memory reserved by the kernel for that VM. As for the swap file, that wouldnt take effect until a reboot, though in an ideal situation you shouldnt need to use the swap files at all.

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