How to deal with expiring SID when joined to a domain

I am sure many people have had to deal with this problem, however, I have not found a solution.

I create a VM on my ESX box and joined it to a domain. I want to create snapshots on the VM, each one hosting a different version of a browser. So, snapshot IE7 would have IE7 installed, snapshot IE6 would have IE6 installed, etc. So I create the appropriate snapshots.

I then revert back to one of the snapshots and upon trying to log in to the domain, I get the message that the system cannot log on to the domain because the account has been removed or something. So, I rejoin the domain and save the image. Then I try to revert to an image that has the other browser and I get the same thing.

So, I tried using the newSID tool from sysinternals. I opened a snapshot, ran newSID, joined the domain and saved the snapshot. I did it with the other snapshot as well. Then when I revert back to the first snapshot, I get the message again.

The question is, how do I manage my snapshots so that they are in sync with the domain controller? This is really killing me as we use snapshots in our automated testing and if my machine cannot automatically log in, the tests will not run.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.

It is the machine account password change that is causing you the trouble. You can disable this functionality with some security implications.

check these links for more information:

Good Luck!

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Are you sure it's snapshot or rather are they clones?

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