How do I uninstall VMWare tools.....

From a 2008 core server version? There is no GUI, or add/remove programs. I have found that I have performance issues on my VM's running on ESX 3.5 with the latest tools unless I first remove the tools and then reinstall them. Easy enough on standard servers/workstations but how do I uninstall on the 2008 core version?

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

You'll need to do it from the cmd line obviously, theres an article on it here:

But basically you need to browse your registry using regedit, and find the uninstall string for vmware tools from the following location:


In my case it was:

MsiExec.exe /I{3B410500-1802-488E-9EF1-4B11992E0440}

But it probably depends on what version of vmware tools you are running, so check yourself Smiley Happy