Help - Trying to get SnapDrive, NFS mounted VMs, and Fibre Channel RDMs to work together

ESX 3.5 update 3

We run all of our VMs from NFS mounts on a NetApp SAN. Since SnapDrive

6 now supports Fibre Channel RDMs, we would like to take advantage of


My issue is that I cannot get the RDM LUNs mapped to our test VM unless

I put the mapping file on a VMFS LUN. I cannot figure out a way to do

this through SnapDrive, only through the Virtual Console (which then

prevents connecting to the LUN via SnapDrive).

I suppose another option is to create another win2003 VM template on a

LUN instead of an NFS mount, but that eliminates the benefits of having

the VM stored on NFS & taking advantage of Snapshots &


Has anyone found a way to use FC RDMs, SnapDrive 6.01, and an NFS mounted VM together?

(I realize we could probably use iSCSI, but we only have 1 open NIC

port left on our ESX hosts, so we would either have to buy all new

servers or forgo iSCSI dual paths.)

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