Help! I resized a vmdk with a snapshot

The setup:

I had a Windows Server 2003 VM that ran out of disk space.

I looked for a way to expand the disk.

I found this site http://vsphere-land.com/tips-tricks/re-sizing-virtual-disks and used 'Method 1'

I made a copy of the vmdk file I was going to expand .

The problem:

The VM had a snapshot taken about a year ago.

When I resized the vmdk and started up the VM to use gparted, I got an error that said the source disk had been modified.

The solutions tried already:

I overwrote the expanded vmdk with the original copy I made before starting. It gave me an error. I suspect that trying to boot after the resize wrote something to the snapshot file.

I made a new VM with the original copied vmdk as the hard drive. It works, but I've lost all the information that was on the disk since the snapshot was taken about a year ago.

I downloaded the snapshot-00001.vmdk and tried to open it with VMware Workstation, but it couldn't read it.

The solution I would like to get to:

I would like to get the VM back to where it was before I started and expand the vmdk.

Thanks in advance for any help.



-- Bradley
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the problem can be solved - if - you have not messed up to much by that wrong attempt to mount the disk.

There are two ways to fix it: resize the basedisk or resize the snapshot.

I do not know which is best yet.

visit VM-sickbay from my signature and create the report as explained - AND do not touch the VM anymore !http://communities.vmware.com/message/1372356/!!

If you have a good backup of the basedisk and the snapshotfile is still usable the fix is easy ...



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