Guest OS to raw san storage (2TB limit?)

I'm trying to get one of my guest os machines to see a 4TB fibre SAN storage (as a local drive, so guest os can share it).

(Esxi 4.1).

I'm trying to do this with "Add Hard Disk" - but that may not be correct.  Is there a way to get around the 2TB limit?

With "Add Hard Disk", I've tried a few ways, but always get:

"file [V1] SERVERNAME/SERVERNAME_1.vmdk is larger than the maximum size supported by datastore'V1 "

The issue is - why does it care - my colleagues advise me that we should be able to connect to any size storage.

Am I doing this the wrong way?

Thanks in advance!

Steps followed.

Edit Settings - Add Hard Disk - "Raw Device".  The storage appears.

Then the choice between "Store with Virtual" and "Specify datastore" - I choose "Store with Virtual".

Compatibility: Phisical (Allow the guest operating system to use).

Virtual Device Node: SCSI(0:1)

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To add RDM's in physical (pass-through) mode with more than 2TB you need to be at least on ESXi 5.0. With earlier version you may only be able to add a larger LUN using e.g. in-guest iSCSI.


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