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Guest OS and what is chosen in VMWare different, problem?

Recently we changed all our VMs to use the Ehanced vmxnet adapter instead of the flexible adapter. This article shows how to accomplish this change:

You will notice in step 4 that the OS in VMWare must be changed to Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition (64 bit). Only then can an adapter be added that gives the choice of Enhance vmxnet. The article says nothing about changing the OS back to match what the VM is truly running. Most of my Windows VMs are running 2003 Standard (32 bit). I did change the OS shown in VMware back to match what the server was really running before powering it up. Now I am seeing events that read:

Virtual ethernet card "Virtual Ethernet Adapter" is of type which is not supported. This is not a limitation of the host in general, but of the virtual machine's configured guest OS on the host

Now I am thinking I should have left all of my Window's VMs with Enterpris Edition (64 bit) even if they are not running this flavor of Windows server. Any thoughts? Is it a problem if what is chosen in VMWare for the guest OS and what is actually running in the VM are different?

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