Error at the create VSA


I'm trying deploy a VSA with two hosts but accour a error as atteched.

in the log show follow

2012-07-19 10:56:16,440 45 [PNICSelectorImpl] [Thread-109] INFO  - Getting NICs to use for switch vSwitch0
2012-07-19 10:56:16,471 50 [PersistenceService] [Thread-109] INFO  - load Data - Key: svaKey.vlan.VSA-Front End:host-47 Value: 0
2012-07-19 10:56:16,471 45 [PNICSelectorImpl] [Thread-109] INFO  - Getting NICs to use for switch vSwitch1
2012-07-19 10:56:16,471 716 [SessionService] [Thread-109] ERROR - Failed to configure network on host: host-47
java.lang.Exception: Could not find any NIC to be used  with the specified device vmnic1

Why the VSA is searching for NICs in the vSwitch1 too ?

I have done the procedure as follow:

1 - install ESXI 5.0 on two hosts

2 - come up two networks interfaces of each hosts

3 - set ip address for each interface of hosts ( network )

4 - set the name to esxi01 and esxi02 for each host

5 - Install VCenter and VSA manage

6 - created datacenter and add the two hosts

I have done nothing on hosts

I haven't a DNS server in my network so I have added in the hosts files on Vcenter Server follow entry  esxi01  esxi02

it's missing anything in my configuration ?

it's necessary has a DNS server in my network ?

any tip is welcome


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I dont know much about deploying VMwares VSA but if you are currently evaluating Storage Virtual Appliance (SVA) solutions, I thought I would introduce StorMagic's SvSAN. This recent comparison we did may be of interest: