Error 1326 authenticating user domain\account in vpxd.log file

Good, I'm new to the community.

Sorry for my bad english

My problem is this:

I changed the password of the Domain Admin account and the virtual center returns me an id error 529 in the security registry with user=NT AUTHORITY \ SYSTEM and cause="Unknown user name or invalid password", login_tape=2.

This happens when I launch a backup script from Acronis vmProtect Backup version 9.2.

The virtual center version is 4.1 build 345043.

The acronis task returns the following message in task event of the vm_name:

"Application failed operation result"

"Unable to back up the additional file vm_name-000001.vmdk.

"Can not download the file https: //vcenter:443/folder/vm_name-000001.vmdk?dcPath=Datacenter&dsName=san_name

The vcenter vpxd.log log file reads:

vim.SessionManager.login -- D6459FB9-EB95-4482-9DCB-D3CFFCE58798

[2018-01-08 08:57:20.884 03460 info 'Libs' opID=6b8a4c57] [ADS] Account\pennanera found, but not on domain

[2018-01-08 08:57:20.884 03460 warning 'App' opID=6b8a4c57] UTF8ToUTF16: Invalid UTF-8 sequence during conversion.

[2018-01-08 08:57:20.931 03460 info 'App' opID=6b8a4c57] Error 1326 authenticating user\pennanera.

[2018-01-08 08:57:20.931 03460 error 'App' opID=6b8a4c57] Failed to authenticate user <\pennanera>

[2018-01-08 08:57:20.978 03460 error 'App' opID=6b8a4c57] vim.fault.InvalidLogin

Every advice will be well accepted.

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