Create a VM from Ghost image

Create a VM from Ghost image

Q: I’'m going to buy a new PC and I would like to create a VM from my actual one. I have a Ghost image of system partition of my disk: is it possible to boot a VM from a Norton Ghost Floppy to apply the image to disk?

A: For Ghost 9 or higher, you can use VM Importer 2.0 to import the file to a VM. Ghost 9, as it needs the Importer, uses the v2i file extension for the Ghost image.

Actually, if you download the VMware Converter beta and install it on the PC that you want to clone, it will let you do a P2V of the system... no need for the Ghost Image.

For Ghost 8:

Create a new VM.

Power it up, load the ghost boot disc.

Restore your gho backup.

Power the guest down.

Run VMware Converter 3.

Select Configure VM.

Let it do its magic.

You can too use BSR (Symantec) with restore anywhere option ...

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