Clock syncing to a VM Host from a physical client

Clock syncing to a VM Host from a physical client


So we got this offline environment. Esxi with VMs (DC with member servers) & then win10 clients connecting.

I need to have the DC as a clock server (NTP), which the actual clients collect the time from.

Setup (which kinda isnt working):

- Set the actual time on the HW clock on Esxi

- Through VM Tools have the option Clock Syncing enabled

- Now all VMs got the time

- NTP GPO setuped to distribute the clock or for clients to connect to the DC.

BUT the clients cant sync their clock against the DC, even though timeserver says the DC & wont sync at all. Getting error that theres no peer but when doing a command to see active peers then i see 1 active and the DC.

I read that it isnt possible for clients to collect the clock timing from a VM Host as its using a older protocol than the DC uses.

Is above true or false?

Thanks for help 🙂



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