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Can't migrate SQL server which holds vCenter server database to new Hosts

I can't migrate SQL server which holds vCenter server database to new Hosts. What is the situation!

I am running a virtual vCenter server and a virtual SQL server which hold the vCenter database. I know I need vCenter to migrate the server. Nevertheless this situation is rather unique.

The SQL server is running on a esxi 5.0 Host (HP BL460G6) Standard switch.

I want to migrate it to > a esxi 5.0 Host (HP BL460 Gen8) Distributed switch.

I am facing three things here:

1. I need the vCenter database which is not available. Because the vm need to be powered off

2. New Hardware, no CPU compatability (I must be honest I have not looked at the NX flag option yet)

3. migrate from standard to distributed switch

What did I do?

I powered the SQL server off.

I removed it from inventory

re-add the virtual machine on the new Host.


It does not see the network label. It's normal it doesn't see the standard switch label but on all the other virtual machines I saw the new VDS labels which I could select. In this case there's nothing. I tried to edit the .vmx file to. No luck

What is the way to go here?

Regards. @teovmy http://www.mikes.eu
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