VMWare forum Experts,

Perhaps this question might be very easy cakewalk for you.

Myself have created on VMWARE Nodes  DC (Domain Controller), Node1, Node2, Node3 where they are SHUTDOWN when not in use.

Myself have created some local Disk Drives on all User Nodes (DC is not required) where can be stored the SQL Files such as MDF, LDF, NDF & .BAK etc.

Every time, on REOPENING  VMWare DC and other dependant & Inter-dependant Nodes these Disk Management oriented Local Disk Drives needs to be INVOKED (Clicking on each .vmdk extension file stored on C Drive) such that they are ONLINE & AVAILABLE till the session. But C Drive which was by default created is UP & Running everytime VMWARE STARTED.

Instead of opening these LOCAL DISK DRIVES (Other than C Drive) every time, is there any possibility of coming ONLINE whenever VMWARE is started?

My Environment is Development Server and can be SHUTDOWN when not in use unlike the Production / Maintenance Servers.

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