Unable to vmware-mount a vmdk on ESX Server

I am unable to mount a virtual disk using vmware-mount. The virtual disk is located on an ESX 4 sever. I suspect I have an incorreect inventory path. The syntax I am using is: I have attached images on the setup. I run the command but only get the standard /help detail returned from the command (suggesting I have an error in the syntax)

I am not able to mount either the base vmdk or any of my many snapshot vmdk's. If I mount a snapshot volume will I see all data back to and including the base volume?

vmware-mount.exe I: /i:"ha-datacenter/vm/Discovered Virtual Machine/sage500.raisinsocial.local"/"[Storage1] sage500.raisinsocial.local/sage500.raisinsocial.local_1-000057.vmdk" /h: /s:apsoapso /u:root

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Chris,

Looks like you are connecting to the ESX directly and the VM name is "sage500.raisinsocial.local" . So the syntax has to be

vmware-mount.exe I: "[Storage1] sage500.raisinsocial.local/sage500.raisinsocial.local_1-000057.vmdk" /i:"ha-datacenter/vm/sage500.raisinsocial.local" /u:root /s:"password"

(i just took off the additional parameter 'Discovered Virtual Machine' from your command).

Since this is a remote mount, please ensure that the VM is powered off (which i guess already is, from the screenshot).

Hope this helps



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