rPath adds own bounty to Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge

(I have no connection to rPath is message is purely informational)

I just saw this announcement made at LinuxWorld 2006.

rPath Offers Incentive Awards for Winners of the VMware(R) Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge; Company Offers $25,000 in Additional Cash Awards to Developers Who Use rBuilder Online to Build Winning Virtual Appliance Entries

LinuxWorld Boston 2006

RALEIGH, N.C.(BUSINESS WIRE)March 28, 2006--rPath, provider of the first platform for creating and maintaining Linux software appliances, today announced that it will offer additional cash awards to winners of the VMware(R) Ultimate Virtual Appliance Challenge who use its rBuilder Online to build their virtual appliance entry. VMware, a global leader in virtual infrastructure software for industry-standard systems, created the original contest to invite developers to put their skills to the test, go head-to-head with their peers, and develop the best virtual appliance.

Winning appliances will be made available to the entire development community while their authors will be rewarded with cash and recognition. rPath saw this challenge as an ideal setting to encourage developers to utilize the rBuilder solution. rBuilder Online is a free platform that creates software appliances for installation on industry standard hardware or for virtualized environments such as VMware virtual machines.

"This is a unique opportunity for developers to showcase their skills, while experiencing the flexibility and control that rBuilder provides," said Erik Troan, rPath founder and CTO. "This challenge will show Linux developers how rBuilder can accelerate the development, deployment and the ongoing maintenance of virtual appliances."

In addition to VMware's prize offerings, rPath will offer winning entries that use rBuilder Online the following awards:

\-- First Prize - $10,000

\-- Second Prize - $ 5,000

\-- Third Prize - $ 5,000

\-- Five Best of Category Prizes - $ 1,000 each

Contest entries must be submitted by May 26, 2006 and winners will be announced in August. For more information regarding VMware's Ultimate Appliance Challenge and complete rules for the additional rBuilder Online awards, please visit http://www.rpath.com/vmware.

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