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ESVA 1.7 White Lists

I'm running ESVA 1.7

From my old spam filter I have exported 100 addresses I need to whitelist. How can I add them in bulk?

One question is this. When I login to the main ESVA admin utility (I guess that's MailScanner) - I click on LISTS and then add a email address to the Whitelist. Which file is this actually stored in? Or is it stored in the SQL database?

When I click on TOOLS and WEBMIN - Then click SPAM DETECTION AND SPAM LISTS - Then edit the Definitely Not Spam file - It does not save what I enter. Is this the same as adding an address via the ESVA utility?

And one last item. I want to create a rule that states "If this is in the subject" or "If that is in the body" then DO NOT quarantine the message. How do I create such a rule?

Email: terry at brothersfamily dot net



Email: PengHead007 at gmail dot com Thanks, Terry
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