vSphere 7.0U1: how to move Tanzu VMs to a different datastore

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place, but I could not find any section where to put vSphere with Tanzu related questions to. I run vSphere 7.0U1 with integrated Tanzu kubernetes in my lab. 

I would like to move my supervisor cluster VMs and my tkg cluster VMs to a new datastore. So I tagged the new datastore with the tag that tells Tanzu to use that datastore. I also removed the tag on the old datastore. That works fine for persistent volumes. They are placed on the new datastore now.

How can I move the supervisor controlplane VMs and the TKG cluster VMs to the new datastore? Storage VMotion is not available for these VMs as far as I see.


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yes this is an interesting question. I did not find any solution for moving objects to different Datastore. If you move the container volumes, I heard the the app/container will break. I´m not sure if there is any option to move, maybe the only way is to redeploy everything, but the migration is an extra thing....

the supervisor VM´s could be moved with this trick...

How to Migrate SupervisorControlPlaneVM in vSphere with Tanzu |