vROPS automated report for CPU and Memory % averages over 7 days


i am looking for some help if i may on how in vROPS (running 6.6 version) i can automate (create report) for CPU and Memory % averages against ESXi hosts spread across several clusters in different vcenters.

I am currently using flowing little scripts that outcome will require a lot manual work and my director wanted me to find if in vrops this can be automated and report sent via email to requester:

#Connect-VIServer -server vcenter server names -User corp\XXXXXX

$stat = "cpu.usage.average"

$entity = Get-VMHost -Name (Get-Content "C:\users\mpandzic\desktop\RI_CitrixHosts.txt")

$start = (Get-Date).AddDays(-7)

Get-Stat -Entity $entity -Start $start -IntervalMins "60" -Stat $stat | Export-Csv -Path "C:\vcheck\RI_CitrixHostsCPU.csv" -NoTypeInformation

If you can assist me i will greatly appreciated


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Not sure why you'd be gathering this with a PowerShell script when you can get it through vROps natively. Have you looked at creating a view which targets ESXi hosts and sets the subject in the report to that? I'd probably start there. Also, at this point you should really be looking to upgrade away from 6.6 and onto something more recent for the features it provides.

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