vMotion leaves VM with vNIC disconnected

Hi, I’m looking for some ideas as I didn't get very far with VMware support.

I am migrating a few hundred VMs from an old vBlock to a VCF on VxRail system using the cross vCenter vMotion tool. So basically, I’m using the Move-VM function to vMotion VMs in a live state.

The exact same process is being used on the exact same builds and configs at two different DCs. I say exact in that from a vSphere perspective, I don’t see any difference. I’m told that the underlying DC connectivity is the same.

The vMotion tasks complete fine at one DC. At the other DC, the VM relocates fine but the vNIC of the VM is disconnected and there is a random time delay for when the connectivity of the VM drops and the VM "state" becomes active on its destination host. I'm having to do one VM at a time and wait for the VM to allow me edit settings and click the checkbox to Connect the vNIC. VM drops connection for 20sec on average. So, the app running could/will be affected.

VMware/Dell support told me it was related to this article but I'm sceptical as it does not appear to be my situation and the workaround did not make any difference as I expected. The instruction was for me to migrate VM in an offline state. Useless!!!


The DVS version in both systems is different. vBlock is Nexus1000V and VCF in VMware DVS. I used this advanced setting to allow migration between the two:


Any ideas what I should be looking at?

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