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vLCM & Auto Deploy - Stateful Install to Remote / SAN Disk

I'm trying to use auto deploy to perform stateful installs on diskless ESXi hosts to an FC SAN disk on our Flasharray (using the 'remote' disk argument).

This works fine unless I configure auto deploy to build the host into a vLCM enabled cluster (which annoyingly is what I want...)

When using a vLCM cluster, auto deploy always fails with 'install --firstdisk specified, but no suitable disk is found' during install.  It seems that regardless of what disk arguments you set in the host profile associated with the vLCM cluster, auto deploy insists on using 'firstdisk' - when I want it to use 'remote'.

It works fine if I deploy the host outside the cluster - so, I guess I have a workaround (I could just move the hosts into the cluster after they are deployed), but it feels like this is an undocumented feature / limitation of vLCM and auto deploy, unless I'm missing something.

Anyone with similar experiences?

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