vCenter Performance metrics 6.5


I'm trying to understand the metrics collected by the vCenter from the objects in the inventory. There is no clear information on the recent releases of VCSA65. I found two articles on this topic, but I'm not sure if they' re still valid or anything might have changed.

vCenter Performance Counters. ->

I'm looking to use the Telegraf to gather the metrics from the vCenter and in due process - I need to find at which level I can be able to generate which metrics? Currently, I set the 5 minute collection interval set to level-2 and I'm still missing the Datastore metrics. Looks like there is difference between aggregation vs per device (and it seems only available in level3/4) (and is stated in KB article ->​ .

I'm looking to gather the metrics available for vSphere6.5 and use them to evaluate which one is needed at what level to determine the charts.

For example: Datastore has Level-1 Aggregation with Level-3 Per-device and If I have to go for Level-3 which is not recommended by the VMware as it can fill up the vCenter DB and can also miss-out on the real-time and roll up data points.

Are there any tools available to enable only the required per-device configuration (such as the one attached in KB article ->​)? Also are there any recommendations on which metric data counters to enable at the same time not to slow/ over stress the vCenter?



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