vCenter 6.5 to 6.7 Migraton

I have a quick question before we move forward with the migration of our appliance.  hopefully someone can help us out!

it looks like during the migration process,  you select a name for the new vcenter appliance.
so when we upgrade,  will the fqdn change?

After the upgrade will have a new fqdn of

if so,  we will need to make some firewall changes to accommodate the new appliance name.

as well as request new certificates

Thanks in advance!

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The installer deploys an empty instance of the new vCenter with a new temporary IP address and does a data migration that imports all the configuration data into the new appliance.

The upgrade will maintain the original FQDN name of the VCSA. The name that you specify in "set up target appliance vm" windows will be used as VM name in the VCSA inventory and can be changed later.

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Prior to migration, rename your vcenter appliance VM to _old or any other name.

Regarding the FQDN and firewall changes, nothing is needed.

All the temporary names, IP address mentioned are used for data transfer purpose from old vcenter to new vcenter only.

It will retain your vCenter FQDN to new vcenter server.

Please look in this link for the procedure or steps to understand.

Pre-upgrade check:

  • Download the latest VCSA ISO from
  • Temporary static IP Address for new vCenter Server
  • Rename the existing vCenter server (VCSA 5.5) with desired name, if you desire to use existing VM name (This is VM name only in vCenter, not the vCenter Server DNS/Hostname).
    • After the successful completion of upgrade process, the existing network configuration and DNS/hostname, etc., will be automatically configured to new vCenter Server.
  • Make sure free resources are available on ESXi host and free space on a Datastore to deploy the new VCSA 6.5.
  • Keep vCenter Server Appliance root and vSphere Administrator login password
  • Keep all the components in your VCSA 5.5 environments has NTP configured and synced
  • There is a common issue during most of upgrades with vCenter Server SSL certificate, it is good to regenerate the SSL certificate before starting the upgrade process or do the same if the pre-upgrade check throws error.
  • Identify an ESXi host to place the new vCenter 6.5 during the Upgrade process and keep the host credentials ready.
  • Copy migration-assistant folder from VCSA 6.5 ISO to your VUM server and keep VMware-Migration-Assistant running until the upgrade process completes.
  • Disable DRS or keep in manual in the settings of the vCenter server VM cluster

This upgrade process has two stages with multiple steps in each stage:

  1. Deploy vCenter Server with an Embedded Platform Services Controller
  2. Data transfer and appliance setup
    1. Data copy from source vCenter (VCSA 5.5) to target vCenter Server (VCSA 6.5)
    2. Set up target vCenter Server and start services
    3. Import copied data to target vCenter Server (VCS 6.5)

How to Upgrade VMware vCenter Appliance (VCSA) 5.5 to 6.5.0 u1e – HyperVMwareCloud


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