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scripts - remove snapshot

My client has a vsphere 5.1 platform installed on a Windows server. They currently do not have any backup tools. So you use an automated script to remove the oldest snapshots of the most critical vm from your platform.

Similarly in vCenter 5.1, you have a scheduled task to execute the snapshot of the vm.

Additionally on the Windows server where vcenter 5.1 is installed. Using the Windows task scheduler, you have a scheduled task to remove snapshots. The client created a .bat file to execute this task.

As we are migrating the virtual servers to a new vCenter 6.5 (VCSA), we would like to reschedule the task to eliminate snapshot automatically with the same script that the client has. While he searches for a backup tool for vm.

Annex the images of the tasks.







Task Scheduler Windows remove snapshot.png

Task Scheduler vcenter create snapshot.png

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So first of all, snapshots are NOT backups, and your client is treading in dangerous waters by trying to turn them into backups. Second, when they migrate to vCSA 6.5 (as they in no way should be using Windows on 6.5), they'll probably need to learn to use and implement vRO to reproduce this snapshot logic if they absolutely must have it. A much better solution, while they search for a backup solution, is to get something community-supported like Veeam so they have proper backups in the interim. This business of trying to re-implement this automated snapshotting is not at all a good idea.