scheduled SPBM compliance check (PbmCheckCompliance)

Hello together,

at the moment we are adopting the "VM Storage Policies" to have an compliance overview of the right-placing of our Virtual Machines.

Now that we've assigned all our defined policies for each VM and VMDK, we've noticed the following:

The SPBM compliance check does not seem to run on a regularly basis. The "Last Checked" date shows the time when the policy was assigned.

To proof the current compliance situation, the check has to be triggered manually.

After a bit of research i found the following sentence in the blog article SPBM compliance check just got faster in vSphere 6.7 U1!

PbmCheckCompliance is automatically invoked soon after provisioning operations such as creating, cloning, and relocating a VM. It is also automatically triggered in the background once every 8 hours to help keep the compliance records up-to-date.

But I can't find any further information were to validate the 8 hour schedule of the PbmCheckCompliance .

Does anybody has a clue where to proof this settings or how to implement a Storage Profile Compliance check on a regularly basis.



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