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iSER on 6.7 with X540 or x550

I've not had much luck with my Google-fu on this, but I'm wondering if the integrated iSER support in 6.7 is adapter agnostic.  I already have some systems with x540 and x550 Intel dual 10G NICs and my QNAP iSCSI hosts support iSER so I was thinking this might be a nice performance tweak with no new hardware if it's at all possible.

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I havent ventured in this, but as per my understanding, the requirement for using ISER are

  • Applications that can use SCSI and iSCSI layer
  • Network capable of passing RDMA Adapter cards (also called RNIC) that support RDMA (Ethernet or InfiniBand)
  • Ethernet switches (with Flow control or PFC)
  • InfiniBand switches if using ISer over infiband
  • Target that supports iSER

you need to use Iser Capable Network card

and instead of iscsi adaptor iser rdma adapter, and yes these adaptor has to be added to local.sh in rc.local

this guy was able to test it successfully on 6.5 u1 and mallanox connectx-4 port  network card

Testing Mellanox iSER driver in ESXi environment.

This is all from Google

thought this may help

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