bugfixes and SnS

Hi, I have, in my opinion, interesting question to VMware Stuff and to experts Smiley Happy

We have licences vSphere 5.1, but our SnS has eneded and we didnt pay for another. We have upgraded our esxi hosts to most availibile build that we could.

After some time it turned out that this build has quite important bugs that for example couse in some circumstances PSOD.  We don't have SnS  and we cannot update, so it turs out that we have defective product for wich we paid a lot Smiley Happy 

Is there any way out of this, except for example buy new licenses ? I know there isn't Smiley Wink but licence guys should think about this Smiley Happy

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Hi Sebastian,

Why don't you upgrade to 5.5 and then to 6.5? I know that the 5.1 has, had a lot of issues, that's also one of the reasons we upgraded.

You do not have to buy any license for this, just go to the license portal and change the existing 5.1 license to a 5.5 license, this is imidate then you can upgrade your hosts to the 5.5 and then you are out of any issues! We use 5.5 in about 200 Hosts with the build 4761836 who is 5.5 Update 10.

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