assign static MAC in VMware OUI range


I need some help assigning a static MAC address to at VM, it is needed due to license lock to at that specific MAC address.

The address is "00:0C:29:8D:6D:xx" and unfortunately the address is in the VMware OUI range, a lot of things has been tried the last thing I have tried is install a vCenter 6.7 and add "config.vpxd.macAllocScheme.prefixScheme.prefixLength = 32" + "config.vpxd.macAllocScheme.prefixScheme.prefix = 020C2901" in advance config in the vCenter.

I can see that new VM get MAC address in the new OUI range (020C29:01), but the old range 000C29:XXYYZZ is still block and cannot be used for static MAC address.
And even though the new OUI range 020C29 is used for new VM and NICs it is possible to assign static MAC in that range !?!

The setting “config.vpxd.macAllocScheme.prefixScheme.prefix” is used for new MAC address assigned automatically.
Is there an adv. setting that tells what MAC range there is block for assigning static MAC address on ?

Hope someone can help me

Best regards
Ivan Nielsen

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