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asm1062 passthrough failed.


First, Im very new with esxi or any virtual software. I love esxi for so far but i have some problems and i think i need some help.

My setup:

MB: Asrock x370 taichi with latest bios update

CPU: AMD ryzen 1700

RAM: 16gb ram

So, i try'd to passthrough the asmedia 1062 device.

I connected 2 hard drives to the asmedia 1062 on the motherboard, the have there own iommu group.

the Asmedia 1062 showup correct in esxi host, i see my harddrives and i can make datastores.



So now the problems begins... when i enable the passthrough its says "reboot needed." I push the "reboot host" buttom and the ESXI host server is rebooting. when i go back to the settings its still says reboot needed and is not active. The PCIe device is not showup in the vm settings. Also the 2 harddrives connected to the asmedia are gone in the storage devices so its doing something.......



I try'd it with other devices like a Ati radeon 290x and a Nvidia 1050, also i try'd the USB3, they al work with passthrough without any problems, when i enables them its also says "reboot needed" and when i reboot they are on active. except the asmedia 1062, i try;d alot of thinks but it always says. "reboot needed"

How can i get the Asmedia on active so i can add them in the VM?

//sorry for bad English.

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So i found out, there is a problem with this motherbord Asrock x370 taichi.

the asmedia has the same iommu group as some PCIe slots, so i put a Intel NIC in the slot that is supported out of the box in esxi and i there was the same problem..

I solved the problem by buying a LSI sata controller, put it in a PCIe slot that has his own iommu group and passtrough is working.

i have the latest bios 5.5, try'd alot of options in bios...

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