after vMotion VM cannot ping in the same subnet for active -active Datacenter

Hi guy,

I have a strange problem.

Current i am using esxi 6.5u1.

I am using Blade Server.

i am implement active active Datacenter by using VXLAN for VM moving around with same IP address and gateway.

I have one problem when moving VM from site A to site B based on scenario below:

1. VM move from site a to site b.

- VM cannot ping IP in the same subnet across site. (difference esxi, and server also) PROBLEM


     - VM can ping IP in the same subnet in same site. (difference esxi, and server also)

     - VM can ping IP in difference subnet in same and in difference site. (difference esxi, and server also)

     - remove VM NIC (generate new mac address), everything work fine. (difference esxi, and server also)

     - VM can ping to gateway.

     - New VM creation after moving, VM is unreachable about 5mn

     - NO ACL apply

2. VM move from site b to site a.

- everything work fine.

3. New VM created on site B.

- everything work fine.

it is strange issue. can we say it is cause by ESXi or Network Switch?

Thank you for advice.

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It sounds like you have a networking issue, not an ESXi issue. But without seeing your full topology, it's impossible to tell where.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Sounds like you moved a lot of furniture around, this is common when things are no longer the same.

You may want to dig into mapping apps (Cisco, Wireshark, etc.).

May also consider to reverse everything you've done and retrace your steps.

I too have moved a lot of VMs and hosts around, and as long as the VM was on vmxnet3, they could also see one another.

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