Windows failover clusters and IGMP snooping

I'm trying to get Windows Failover Clustering up and going in our vSphere environment, and it's driving me nuts.  I can successfully install the cluster after passing the Cluster Verification Wizard, but I keep on getting cluster failures where the VM heartbeats are getting dropped.  I look at the cluster logs, and see errors like  "LocalEndpoint blahblah:~3343~ has missed two-fifth consecutive heartbeats from yakyak:~3343~" which seems to be a network issue, without the heartbeats being totally dropped.  I've gotten to the point where I just have two Server 2016 VMs running with failover clustering installed, two NICs with a client and a cluster interface, a File Share Witness on an SMB share, and nothing else.  No roles, no shared disks, no agents, and I put them on the same ESXi host.  This is why I'm posting here, since the traffic should not be leaving the host at this point.  Some background: we're running vCenter 6.7, and these VMs are on HW version 15.  After some research, I'm wondering if I need to turn on IGMP snooping for these heartbeats to be consistent?  This would also have to be enabled on a vDS that has like a hundred other VMs; would that possibly cause issues with these other VMs?  I'm just trying to understand what I'm missing here.  TIA

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