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Windows Server 2019 VM sits at OS selection prompt when booting

I am experimenting with a Windows 2019 VM template.  Occasionally when I boot it up (reboot from running OS) it sits at a boot selection screen.  And there is not even a timer for it - it just sits there forever until human interaction.


I originally attributed this to not running a supported ESXi version and figured I would just wait until our VMware support team upgraded to a supported hyper-visor before officially making it available.  But then today I noticed that ESXi 6.0 and up is now supported per the VMware support matrix.  So technically, I should be on a supported version.


My template is configured as such:

EFI Boot

Paravirtual SCSI controller


I am assuming it is something the with EFI boot option or maybe something is sending an SHIFT key to the console - but have not been able to put my finger on it it so far.  And it does not happen at every boot...just randomly.  Does anyone know why might be causing this or if there is some setting I should be using to not have this happen?  I don't have this problem with Windows 2016 VMs.

Obviously, not going to make this template available for production use until this is resolved.



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