Which is the best way to deploy a new virtual machine from an existing one (OVF or Converter)

Hello Community,

I want to deploy a new virtual machine in a new vCenter setup (vSphere 6.7) using an old VM (vmx-10) in old vCenter setup (vSphere 5.0). So I need your suggestions on which is the best way to do this with no or less issues like vSphere compatibility etc. Here're the ways I think:

(1) Export the old VM to an OVF template and then import it in the new vCenter.

(2) Use VMware Converter to convert the old VM to deploy a new one in new vCenter setup.

(3) Any other way?

I would appreciate your suggestions, opinions or experience sharing on this query.

Thank you.

Thank you!
Vikramaditya J
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Either method should work. Option 1 is less time. In case option 1 fails for whatever reason, you can certainly try option 2.