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Current trends in VMWare AirWatch

People those who are looking to know more about VMWare Watch are here at the right place. There is a big question in your mind that What is VMware Watch and how does it work? So, go through the entire article to know completely about VMWare Watch.

VMware Watch is probably considered as the enterprise mobility software provider which is based on Atlanta. AirWatch is the division of virtualization vendor of VMWare. It mostly provides technologies that help in IT administration deploy, managing all the mobile applications in a secure manner, Windows 10 and Apple Mac computers and applications along with the data. The apps work truly with a great combination that can installed in a direct way on the endpoint device which is known as AirWatch Agent and the required back-end software which is to set IT and other enforces policies.


How does this AirWatch Works?

To work this AirWatch in a reliable manner it requires the functionality of certain mobile apps that should be installed on the device IT. After the entire installation process only, this VMWare AirWatch works in the reliable manner that works exactly as per the estimation. To have a great communication between AirWatch MDM and the device, this app AirWatch Agent is required.

“The Business App That Safely Brings the Workspace To Your Own Mobile Devices For Ultimate Convenience And Productivity”

After the successful implementation of AirWatch MDM app, then the user can actively authenticate as per the required process which is known as Device Enrollment. It acts like an agent that helps IT administrators in various process mediums such as deploying, security, configuration, management and supporting smartphones, laptops, Tablets and other various devices across multi-operating system.

* AirWatch’s MAM functionality do not require an agent or else medium. It can directly communicate with the required code that is installed in the mobile along with the app. By this, administrators will be taking a great approach in the way of managing their mobile apps and data in a secured way.

* AirWatch’s MAM capabilities have also come with certain app store where the users or else administrators can directly access the required app that is self-service to public or else corporate apps. It has mainly come up with a great goal that is to increase the productivity by accessing the wanted apps and most engaging through it.

* Another important MAM feature is that it provides the required reports on the user activity and certain usage patterns as well. The admins can take all overcharge that is in the usage of remote control capabilities to give up great support and troubleshoot mobile devices as needed.


* Mobile Device Management (MDM) for securing, configuring and enforcing policies on tablets, smartphones and Windows 10 PC’s as well.
* Mobile Application Management shortly called as MAM for securing, deploying and enforcing various policies on smartphones, tablets apps etc.
* Identity Management for user based and control security and control
* Most secured productivity apps for E-Mail(VMware Boxer) and Web Browsing (AirWatch Browser)
* AirWatch content Locker which is considered as the enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) service
*Telecom Expense Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software is considered as the flagship product of VMWare AirWatch’s that have come up with a main to provide protection for corporate applications. The required amount of data can be accessed through any of the networks for any device.

Most probably this AirWatch EMM suite is for cloud service or else on-premises deployment. It has come up with 4 editions that are lowest tier offers MAM and MDM and the highest has come up with includes all features.

MAM: MAM is the most valuable or important tool for IT all the realizing potential benefits are done in the most simple manner to increase productivity. The implementation of MAM is rising that provides development, greater support and distributed cost of applications. The main strategy of MAM is that provides high secured data for mobile devices mainly under the coverage of MAM coverage.

MDM: This platform mainly helps in IT limits the higher possibility of exposing the corporate level type of data.

VMWare Airwatch –The Standalone Management Systems for Applications, Content and Email All the products are supported by Apple iOS, Google Android and Chrome OS, Samsung Tizen, BlackBerry QNX etc. Probably it supports MDM on Apple MacOS along with Windows 10. Airwatch Express and the managed cloud-based MDM Service are also available. In addition to the AirWatch’s EMM product, a large suite is also present that is VMWare Workspace One. It had come up with the main aim to provide a managed portal to access all the virtual and physical desktops, mobile apps and data, physical virtual desktop applications to the end user in secured and reliable manner.


Enterprise Mobility Management

* Bring your own device
* Mobile Security
* Container Management
* Mobile Application Management
* Mobile Email Management
* Rugged Device Management
* Identity Management
* Telecom Management
* Laptop Management
* Mobile Browsing Management
*Multiuser Management

VMWare Airwatch Enterprise Mobility Management

Firstly, this VMWare AirWatch has come up with security device and management of configuration which is completely extended to endpoint management and app enablement. Currently, the latest version of this Mobility Management is 9.1 which has mainly released with the main aim on faster application deployment along with comprehensive window support 10 either through security options or else faster application service.

Integrity and Compatibility

It mostly supports Microsoft ( Windows Phone and Windows Desktop), Android, Apple, Symbian devices, Tizen and Blackberry. It also supports API that allows the external programs to use of various core products data and functionality.


AirWatch offers built-in wizards that help IT administrators to configure and setting up of the mobile fleet. It can easily build on various scalable applications to support every device with ease.


It has come up with great support access identity that is ownership, seniority, job type and level of security. It also includes various policies and permissions that are based on the type of job, location, user, functionality and another role.

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