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VmWare VCenter 6.5 cannot apply new certificates for website

Hello, All

I would like to get some help because I cannot manage to replace web certificates to VCenter 6.5

I'm using this tut: Replace your vCenter vSphere 6.5 Certificates using your own CA - YouTube

When proceed to apply certificate I have below errors :

Don't update service b3586a2d-4701-4d0a-b50f-1ef31d44074c

Get service d8c0bf5f-c0a6-4ce6-b17a-65392865570e

Don't update service d8c0bf5f-c0a6-4ce6-b17a-65392865570e

Get service 13cd93ab-8099-4d1c-a981-0085d0b21721

Don't update service 13cd93ab-8099-4d1c-a981-0085d0b21721

and those below:

Error while reverting certificate for store : MACHINE_SSL_CERT

Rollback Status : 0% Completed [Rollback operation failed]

Error while performing rollback operation, please try Reset operation...

please see /var/log/vmware/vmcad/certificate-manager.log for more information.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong...

I'm using VmWare VSphere certificate template to achieve this.

Can You please help and maybe point what I'm doing wrongly ?


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