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Virtualized Avaya IP Office - Jitter

We recently deployed an Avaya IP Office as a VM within our infrastructure.  During testing we didn't run into issues as I'm assuming the load wasn't enough to trigger our issues.  We are starting to see jitter on the network which is causing call quality issues, mainly with our auto attendant.  Our environment isn't big (5 hosts) but we have multiple links (10G) to Nexus 5K switches per host.  I'm having a hard time believing we are having networking issues between the VM and the Nexus switches, but figured I would ask if there were any gotchas or settings we should be looking at to optimize VoIP traffic going to and from the VM?

One thing that seems to keep popping up is "latency sensitivity" but we only would need that for networking traffic not really for CPU/Memory.  I'm not sure that would benefit or hurt other VM's in our cluster?

-- Kyle "RParker wrote: I guess I was wrong, everything CAN be virtualized "
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