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VSphere failed auth logs 4-5 min generation delay

Hello guys,


I'm on Vsphere

I'm trying to deploy a central syslog server for all our infrastrcture, including the vmware environment, I am encountering an issue which is verry odd !

When an AD user or even a local user success or fails to login, the logs are generated with a 4-5 min delay.

Are you aware of this issue ?


It happens on the syslog solution and even on vmware itself. I thought that the cause was beause of one of my parser but all of them are disabled and I receive only raws logs.



(vmware is in GMT timezone as we are in Europe/Paris timezone)

As you can see, the user tried to log at 8:15 and 8:16  and the logs says 9:19, there is like 4 to 5 min delay

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