VMware vSphere 6

I am facing the below issue suddenly in Esxi host Version 6.7

Cannot contact the specified host (*.*.*.*). The host may not be available on the network, a network configuration problem may exist, or the management services on this host may not be responding.

Host connection and power state. Cannot synchronize host *.*.*.*

Vsphere has been configured in another range *.*.*.* which will interact through agents.

following mitigation action has been taken:

1. restarted the management network.
2. restarted the Esxi host.
3. IP,Gateway and DNS servers ping works.
4. Datastores having enough free space.
5. VMs running in the Esxi host are accessible.
6. agents are up and running.
7. Network and DC team have confirmed that no issues at the network and server end.
Could you please share your suggestions .
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If your server is a brand name (Lenovo, Dell .. etc), it is recommended that you install vmware with the manufacturer's custom image.
Because of the connection problem you may suspect the driver and firmware of the network card, maybe the provider has some problem reported with this network card.

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