VMware tools for RHEL 7 & Ubuntu 14.x - new direction to use Open VM Tools?

I don't find the VMware tools packages for RHEL 7 or Ubuntu version after 12.x

Index of /45848/tools/esx/6.5u1/repos

Is there any new direction to use open VM tools instead of standard VMware tools?

VMware Documentation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Open VM Tools is the open source implementation of VMware Tools and consist of a suite of virtualization utilities that improves the functionality, administration, and management of virtual machines on VMware hypervisors. VMware recommends using the Open VM Tools redistributed by the operating system vendors.

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For RHEL 7, Ubuntu 14, and its downstream variants, open-vm-tools is the recommended approach rather than "tar" tools. You can see this on the HCL page for guest OS.