VMware Health Analyzer

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I want to know if the latest version available for the health analyzer tool is 5.5.2, since in this version it is not available to select the version of vSphere 7.0, which is the version that my environment has. and I think it may be due to this that the report shows findings which have been previously solved but they always come out as findings of P2 and P3

The findings are related to load balancing in the portgroups, which as i said those are configured correctly.

also, VMware isolation settings, i know that in the latest versions the platform has been made secure by default. but still, if i add the entrys to the VMs always shows the finding.

and the server roles finding SEC-014 and the operating system finding, in vcenter theres no windows server 2019 choice to select, only "WS 2016 or later". so, theres a new version of health analyzer in wich i can select, vSphere 7.0??

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