VMWare ESXI 6.7U2 PCIe Pass Through PSOD


I want to run a Chelsio T320 10 GBit NIC as a pass through device for a opnSense VM. I configured it as a pass through device and it works well as long as the VM is running. But when I want to shutdown or reboot the opnSense VM I get a PSOD. This is the PSOD I get: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

It seems to be an existing problem, here is a thread in German (you can Google translate it if you want) https://administrator.de/wissen/esxi-host-crash-herunterfahren-vm-passthrough-470915.html

My hardware is a HP ProLiant DL380 G7.


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Hello There,

Mostly PSODs are due to hardware issues or Bugs in BIOS , Firmware, Drivers. If you have the warranty with HPE for your physical server just log the case with vendor and share them the AHS logs from iLO.

Refer below VMware KB hope it can help you understand the error in the PSOD stack:

VMware Knowledge Base

  • ESXi/ESX hosts are unstable and may fail with a purple diagnostic screens citing an NMI, Non-Maskable, or LINT1 Interrupt.
  • The console displays an entry similar to:

    LINT1/NMI (motherboard nonmaskable interrupt), undiagnosed. This may be a hardware problem; please contact your hardware vendor.
  • You may experience a purple screen when passing through a device to a virtual machine and when reviewing the vmkernel core dump, you see these events:

    WARNING: IOMMUIntel: 2211: IOMMU Unit # 0: R/W = 1, Device 007:00.0 Faulting PA = 0xdf63e000 Fault Reason = 6

    Note: NMI log entries appear in the /var/log/vmkernel.log file, on the console, or in the VMkernel core dump file if the condition triggers a VMkernel purple diagnostic screen.