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VMEXi 8.0 - Ubuntu - Storage disparity

I have a Dell PowerEdge with 2TB storage currently. 

I wanted to allocate 200GB to a personal Minecraft server (This server is in my home network).

Allocated the 200GB, and then installed Ubuntu 20 on it. I then updated and created a Docker container for the MC server, the exact same script I use on my current server running 100GB. 

I backed up my MC world (It's 23GB... I like to explore).

New server flipped out saying there was no space available to even make a folder. 

I'm showing half of the allotted space. The same amount of space on the current in use, and no issues. What could be going on?




EDIT: Just found that Ubuntu decided to not bother formatting the space I allocated to this server. I'm not sure how to fix this. 




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