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VM using private network can't communicate when on different hosts

I have VMs spread across multiple hosts. They have private addresses. Like 192.168.1.x. When on the same host, they can communicate. But, when they are on different hosts, they can't communicate. The interfaces are same labeled vSwitch.  (NOTE: the VMs do have multiple NICS. Private 192.x.x.x just for VM to VM and routable addresses - 10.x.x.x stuff going out to rest of our networks)

Is that supported? I inherited this from another admin and not sure they had pinned the VMs on the same host to make it work. Been awhile since I worked directly with VMware. I had one host go down and the machines using DRS moved around. Not sure if they were located on the same host before. I assume since things were working before. But, wanted to see if should work anyway before I try move all theses VMs to same host. Also, DRS, I assume this will just break again. 



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