VM not showing in Virtual machines list ESXI 7

I see my VM in the datastore, but it does not show in the Virtual Machines tab. I was in the list and when I shutdown the machine it no longer shows in the list. When I try to register the machine it says it is already registered. I can't start the VM because it not in the Virtual Machines list. How do I get it back? I am new to VMware, so any help would be great.



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Hello @saleff 

Try checking the ESXI hosts individually and see if you are able to find the VM.


1) Web UI

    a) Browse to the ESXI host using http://host-name/ui or http://host-IP-address/ui
    b) Search for your VM in the inventory. If not visible , check for any VM with the state Invalid
    c) If there is , remove the Invalid VM and then try to re-register.


2) Command line :

    a) SSH to each ESXI host and search for the VM.

        vim-cmd vmsvc/getallvms grep -i vm_name    ------------------------------------------> This should give the valid name of the VM with a valid VMID


    b) Check if there is any message for "Invalid VM 'VMID'" after running the above command.


    c) If there is any Invalid VM , remove the VM using the following command and then re-register :

         vim-cmd vmsvc/unregister <VMid>


    d) You can also check the inventory.xml on the ESXI Hosts for the list of registered VMs :

        Command : cat /etc/vmware/hostd/vmInventory.xml



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