VM Limit IOPs and a question...


i have a problem...

i have a VM with 2 disks on one datastore for testing Limit IOPS.

I run SQLIO without limitations

i got ~ 6000 IO

Then with limitations:

c:   SQLIO -> 120 IO

Shares 1000

Limit 250

d:  SQLIO -> 250 IO

Shares 1000

Limit 500

Then i stopped SQLIO on C:

ans still got 250 IOPS

Why did i get 50% of the Limit ? and not the limit  or more than the limit ?

VMWare KB:

All virtual disks located on one LUN. Each virtual disk IOPs set to 100 IOPs.

If disks 1, 2, and 3 issue 10 IOPs each, disk 4 could issue 100 IOPs as this is the limit.


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