I am running on Dell blades with 2 Dell MXL fabrics in the M1000 chassis. Switches are configured with VLT into one logical switch. On the host side there are dual NICs, NPARed with appropriate bandwidth allocated to each pair or partitions. Different pairs of vmnics are configured for vMotion, Management and VM traffics. We had some vMotion speed problems and observed some "port flapping" on some connections.

Dell Support is saying that because we are in a VLT configuration and are using nic teaming, we must use LACP and port-channel; that it is the only recommended option when in VLT configuration, and that's why we have port flapping. I have a difficult time wrapping my head around it. Why would I not be able to use my vmnics (NPAR or not) without having them in an LACP LAG? Why would the logical VLT switch act any different than any other switch? Can someone comment?

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