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VAMI restore to isolated network failing


We are trying to validate the VAMI backup/restore process for a vSphere 7 environment. The environment consists of two VCSAs in ELM.

We are completing a single VCSA restore into an isolated environment, which has DNS available.

Phase 1 completes successfully. At the end of phase 2 after entering the encryption password, SSO credentials, etc., we get a warning stating 'Metadata and system validation warning detected'. The restore then runs for a matter of seconds before failing.

The production VCSA and VCSA ISO are using the same version (7.0U2d) and same deployment size (Medium/Default).

The vc-support.tgz error file states 'No file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/vcdb.propertiesNo file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/vc-extn-cisreg.prop'

Does anybody have any advice on how to get this restore to run successfully?

Thanks in advance!

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