User desktop visible in vsphere-client

Hello all,

i have a strange behaviour with the webconsole and vmrc

vCenter is 6.7U3L, Hosts ESXi6.7U3 Build 17499825/17167734, Xen Desktop 7.15LTSB

There are several Windows10-VM which are presented as dedicated desktops via Citrix to the user.
The problem is that as soon as the user is logging in to the vm the users desktop is visible in the screen-preview in the vsphere client.
When i open webconsole or vmrc of the vm i can observe anything the user is doing in realtime.
Logging in via RDP does not showing this, only via citrix.

tried with different browsers, different esxi-versions, updated vmware tools to 11.2.5, but its still visible
it does not occur with server 2016 or windows10 with nvidia-gpu attached, only win10 with standard-vga

how can i prevent this - the vsphere admins should not have the ability to observe the users working.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Sounds like what is happening is the equivalent of doing an RDP “console” connection (albeit via Citrix), you might be better asking on a Citrix forum.

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