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Upgrade v6.0 u3 to v6.7 with ESXi hardware Dell R820

I was planning to upgrade to vSphere v6.7 but ran in to some issues when i found out that our hardware might be out of date.

We are running Dell PowerEdge R820 as ESXi servers, and yes they have are couple of years old, but still have nice specs for the job.

Was looking at: VMware Compatibility Guide - System Search

Here I can see that the R820 only supports up to v6.5 u2.

I know it is up to vendor Dell to check if the hardware works and I have taked to the support,

but they say that it might come a v6.7 release for R820 but for now they are just supporting newer models.

Dell support said that it might work upgrading, but they couldn't say for sure.

So my question is, have anyone else tried upgraded to v6.7 with the ESXi hardware Dell PowerEdge R820?

Or do I need to be the guinnepig for this? Smiley Wink

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Not supported does not say that it does not work.

If you've a spare one you can install it first on that one to test if it is working and run some test workloads on it.

My advise is to upgrade to the supported version (6.5 u2) so you can benefit from the enhancements of 6.5 and wait until 6.7 will be certified by Dell.


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I recommend installing the supported version, to avoid future problems.

You must use the custom image of Dell, already contains all the drivers and firmware for the hardware.

VMware vSphere ESXi 6.5.x on Dell EMC PowerEdge Systems Image Customization Information

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